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White grape



With seeds. The  flesh is crisp, juicy and sweet, waxy skin thick enough and consistently presents a delicate muscatel flavor. Great bunch of average weight of about 800-900 grams of golden yellow color. Resistant to long journeys.





With seeds. Crisp flesh sweet and juicy, berry pyramid long. Bunch average of about 600-700 gr. Excellent resistance to transport and preservation on the plant. 




Italia 2

With seeds. Large size grape, very yellow color and very sweet.







Sugraone SL

Seedless. Berry ovoid of medium size, very crisp. Cluster medium.

Excellent for the taste, very resistant to long-distance transportation.







With seeds. Large fruit, slightly aromatic flavor with firm flesh, yellow skin and thin, but strong.









With seeds. Berry medium to large elongated and pointed. Crisp flesh with sweet and pleasant taste.

Peel thin but strong greenish-yellow or golden-yellow. Resistant to transport.








Sublima SL

Seedless. Berry medium to large yellow. Cluster medium. Suitable for fresh consumption.









With seeds. One of the oldest vines and circulated in all the Mediterranean countries, where it is known with many synonyms.

Excellent for the taste, very sweet, good resistance to transport.








Seedless. Bunch medium to large, cylindrical-conical. Berry medium-small, ovoid or ellipsoidal force, crisp flesh.

Excellent both for fresh consumption, both for the preparation of juices and distillates. Average weight 350-450 gr. 







Seedless. Berry medium-big-long elliptical. Thin skin yellow-green with meaty flesh and crisp.

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