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Whit seeds. Large, attractive cluster. Black-violet colour. Large berry (9-10 g), oval, pruinose; solid, sweet pulp with a neutral sapor. Tolerates transport well.









Crimson Seedless

Seedless. Red seedless in neutral flavor. Bunch moderately developed conical-pyramidal, nor very compact, about 500 grams. Egg shaped berry.








Red Globe

Whit seeds. Large cluster. Large berry (9-10 g), spherical, rose-coloured. A good choice in the final supply stage because of the maturation period and good tolerance og longe-haul transport.










Black Magic

Whit seeds. Black with seeds and a neutral flavour. Medium-size cluster, dark blue ellipsoidal berries.








Summer Royal

Seedless. It's a seedless varieties bred for awning and covered whit plastic to anticipate the maturation. The average weight of berries varies from 910 to 1345 grams. The average weight of berries varies between 7,5 and 7,9 g. Extraordinary its sugar content.










Seedless. It is a late ripening grape, berries, elongated pink flesh is firm and slightly cruchy, rich in antioxidants and nutraceuticals.





Perla Nera

Medium-large-sized bunch, medium-large.sized grape (5.5-6.5 g), with an oval stretched shape, dark red-bluish. Neutral taste.





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