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The Grapes, its  nutritive properties  and organoleptic.

The particular location of the vineyards in the Mediterranean, on a particularly fertile ground, with karst and crushed rock base, under ideal conditions of ventilation and sunlight, can produce our grapes with bright berries, sweet and crunchy, then chosen by us for size and superior quality. These features make appreciate our company by consumers across Europe.

The properties of grapes are known since antiquity. Each grape contains a concentrate of revitalizing substances can counteract skin aging and protect against capillary fragility.

The grapes refreshes and purifies, but at the same time nourishes and energy.

The grapes enriches our table, and does not only serve for the production of wine. The grape is very rich in sugars directly comparable; also contains organic acids, minerals, vitamins A, B group and C, tannins (in the husk), polyphenols. The grape is a valuable source of minerals, especially iron, calcium and potassium. Given its low content of sodium chloride promotes diuresis, and is good for hypertension. Its salts are action antiurica inspire and promote the digestione. The grape, and in particular the skin and seeds contained within them, appear to be among the most powerful anti-free radical in nature, are rich in calcium, phosphorus, polyphenols and flavonoids.

The table grapes is such a great friend of the beauty of women and not only improves glucose metabolism, plays a 'general antioxidant protecting and leaving the skin glowing and youthful.

Please bear in mind that the composition and taste of 'grapes vary greatly depending on the area of production, climatic conditions and variety.

Tips for Conservation of table grapes

Once purchased, put the grapes in the refrigerator in a perforated plastic box. In this way it will also maintain for more than a week.

You have to wash the grapes just before serving.











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