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Cherries have purifying and detoxifying, diuretic and laxative in addition to those that make the cherry fruit very useful in case of swelling in the abdomen. Thanks to the presence of flavonoids, in combination with vitamins A and C, the assumption of cherries stimulates collagen production, thereby making countless benefits to our skin. To underline the presence of malic acid, which, with its properties, is able to facilitate the digestion of sugars and the hepatic activity. In recent times, cherries have been the subject of study by the University of Texas, as it is believed to have properties that promote sleep, it seems that melatonin present in cherries in good quantity, has precisely this property.

Finally we reiterate the important benefits that consumption of cherries brings to the heart and circulatory system in general, has in fact been confirmed, on the basis of experiments on mice that took place in Michigan (USA), that their consumption greatly reduce the percentage of cholesterol in our body thanks to the presence of antioxidants.

Cherries are composed of 80% of water, sugars, proteins (small percentage), vitamins A and C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium. To highlight the presence of fructose, a sugar that has no contraindications for diabetics who can then take the opportunity to eat something sweet and healthy.

Hints for storage


The cherry preserves in the fridge for as long as the flavor and loads of vitamins where you can keep it fresh for several days. In any case, wash with running water just before serving, in fact, the skin tends to absorb water causing cracks on the fruit later.


Medium-large-sized fruit (8.5-9.5 g), red-coloured, very dark, bright, red, sweet and juicy pulp with a medium consistency.


Big fruit (9.5-10 g), larger than higher, bright to dark red when ripe, the pulp is red, hard and with a good taste.




Big fruit (8.5-10 g), red-coloured, pink pulp, more intensively coloured near to the stone, consistent and adherent to the stone, juicy with a good taste.



Medium fruit, red-coloured, pink pulp. Maturazione tardiva. Maturing late.


Rotund fruit with dark-red peel and rose pulp.



Big fruit (9,5 grammi di peso medio), with heart shape, with medium-length-short peduncle.
The skin isbright to dark-red.
The pulp is rose, little soda, juicy, sweet.



Medium-large fruit (9 g), average heart elongated, with medium-length-short penducle.
The skin is bright to dark-red, pulp rose-coloured, little soda, juicy, sweet.

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